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Our Partner In Nepal

Chandra Adhikari

People's Development Foundation

Dear Friends,


Namaste from Nepal. I am Chandra Adhikari, one of the founders of "People's Development Foundation". I was born and raised in a village in the Lamjung District of Nepal, and I have seen firsthand the struggles the people of rural Nepal face. Since my childhood I have had a great desire to support the needy in isolated areas where people struggle as those in my village did, but living in a village with unfortunate circumstances, I often used to wonder how my dream would be fulfilled.  

Fortunately, I was able to continue my education, though I struggled a lot for it, as did my siblings. I am happy to be in the social sector now, where I have many opportunities to do all that I can to help the people who are struggling, as well as request support from the many kindhearted people whom I know, to 

help bring about drastic change in isolated areas of Nepal.


We opened a volunteer group in 2008 called People's Development Foundation and even started donating personally. I am able to utilize my connections and we are able to do some projects in an isolated area where the people are struggling for daily bread. Through CHOICE Humanitarian, the Latter-Day Saints Charities and the LDS Church, I am able to meet many kindhearted people who support in our effort and also introduce me with many kindharted people because of that we are able to raise funds to add in our small donation and do projects for the needy.


"People's Development Foundation" is always grateful for those who are willing to add their donations to ours and help us extend our helping hands to more needy people, which cannot be expressed in words. On behalf of the People's Development Foundation" team and the villagers who receive and will receive support, I would like to thank each of you who donated to the "People's Development Foundation's" projects.


You all recognized the needs of these unfortunate people. Thanks a lot to you all for your kindness. I promise you that your precious donation will be used properly since our small donations are also included there.

- Chandra Adhikari


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